Scheduling a Test

Before using the Scheduler please read the following instructions:

Students are responsible for knowing the dates and start times for their tests.  This includes identifying time conflicts with other courses and scheduling the start times for your tests accordingly.  The Sara Bea Center will not review your schedule to determine these conflicts for you.

If you have a class immediately after the class you have a test in you need to adjust your start time to receive your extended time at the beginning of your test. 

For example, if you have a test for a class that starts at 11:00 AM but have a class immediately after at 12:30 PM you need to adjust your start time and start at 10:15 AM (if you receive 50% extended time).  This will allow you to receive your extended time without missing your next class.

If you have a test for a class but have a class and before and after the class with the test you need to make your professor aware of this conflict and agree on a start time for your test.

Before scheduling a test please review your schedule and make any necessary adjustments to your start time.  If you don’t have a conflict you must start your test at the same time as your class.  A time conflict with another course is the only acceptable reason for adjusting your start time.  Practice for an athletic team, rehearsal, or work are not acceptable reasons for changing the start time of a test.

RTA forms must be returned and tests scheduled no later than 3 (three) business days before the test.

To start scheduling your test please use the link below (please note that you will need to submit additional responses to schedule a second exam):

Test Scheduler