Q. Is Sara Bea Accessibility Services open?

A. Yes, Sara Bea is open Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM. All drop-in and scheduled appointments will be conducted virtually until further notice. The Testing Center is closed and we will not be proctoring any exams.

If you have a question or concern, or to schedule a virtual appointment, call the office at 574-631-7157.

Q. What happens if I have an online exam? Will I receive extended time for an online exam?

A. The Sara Bea Testing Center is closed and we will not be proctoring exams while online courses continue. However, the Sara Bea office will be in touch with faculty to let them know about any students in their courses who receive extended time. Before an online exam, you should talk to your instructor to confirm.

Sara Bea Accessibility Services is available to faculty and students to consult about unique testing situations. Contact Amy Jobst at 574-631-3759 with any questions.

Q. I currently have a note-taker. Now that class is online, will that continue?

A. Once you learn from your professors on how they will be adapting their course content, you will need to contact Amy Jobst (ajobst@nd.edu or 574-631-3759) to let us know that you continue to require note-taking services. Note-Taking will not automatically continue.

You may find that you do not need a note-taker in a particular course due to change in course format. For example, lectures may be pre-recorded and you can watch and take notes at your own pace. You may have more outside readings and papers to write rather than lectures and test. 

Q. Does this affect an academic adjustment (such as extended deadlines or absences) that was set up previously this semester?

A. All accommodations will continue, including academic adjustments. As with all academic adjustments, you will need to reach out to the Sara Bea office to work with staff for individual circumstances. Contact Scott Howland at 574-631-7141 with any questions.

Q. Can I request a new accommodation?

A. If you are not currently registered with Sara Bea Accessibility Services, please visit our Requesting Accommodations page on our website and contact Ariell Watson at 574-631-2159.

If you are currently registered with our office, please reach out to Ariell Watson with your request.

Q. What if I have a new reading or textbook that I need converted to an alternative text?

A. We will continue to offer alternative text support. Please email Laura Hoover (lhoover2@nd.edu) with the name of the book or article.