Helpful Information for Students

Making Online Classes Work for You

Avoiding Distractions

These are likely some of the same strategies you’ve use when studying. But now those strategies need to be applied to the online classroom and in a new environment. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Select a space that is your “classroom”. It may be your desk or the kitchen/dining room table. Be consistent with where you “attend class”.
  • Keep that area clean and free from distractions.            
  • Communicate your schedule to family/friends. As many of us are now attending class from home, it is important that your family know where and when you are unavailable.
  • Turn off your phone. Turn off notifications on your computer.
  • Ensure a quiet space (TV is turned off, etc.) or use headphones to attend class.
  • If taking an exam, use earplugs to minimize noise

Creating a New Class Schedule

Some classes may have recorded lectures. Some classes may have extra readings. It is important not to view this time as “vacation” but rather a new school schedule.

  • Create a schedule that includes all your classes. Assign times for watching class lectures, doing readings and homework, and studying.
  • Communicate your schedule to family/friends; if you were in class you would be unavailable to hang out, get coffee, etc. This should remain true while taking online classes.
  • Use these Time Management apps (most are free) to block websites during those hours or provide a digital timer
  • Be patient with yourself as you adjust to this new format. You may try some things that work and some that don’t.

Living in Community

You still have classmates! You still have professors! You still have the Sara Bea Center! You are not doing this alone.

  • Find ways to connect with friends and classmates. Use Zoom, FaceTime, or any of a dozen apps to study with friends. Share notes and ask questions via Google Drive or another platform.
  • Your Professor is still available to help. Ask about how “office hours” will work. Utilize their new format to ensure you are understanding course content
  • If you find yourself needing new accommodations, reach out to the Sara Bea office. We’re happy to have a virtual meeting with you.