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Instructions for Note Takers

Thank you for being a note taker for a classmate with a disability. Why does this student need a copy of your notes? A disability can cause deficits in vision, hearing, short-term memory, or attention that can affect a person’s ability to take useful notes. Your notes will provide a valuable tool for this student. Here is some information about the note taking process.

  • Take notes as you normally would, but please make sure you do not use abbreviations that are not easily recognizable.
  • You only need to provide notes from class lectures and discussions. You do not need to provide notes on out-of-class readings.
  • The student attends class, so he or she will have access to handouts and material that the professor may place online.
  • Please provide a copy of your notes at least once a week.
  • We would prefer that your notes are typed and uploaded as a Microsoft Word attachment. If you can’t type your notes because of the type of course material (graphs, charts, etc.), you may bring them to the Sara Bea office to be scanned before uploading.


Beginning in Fall 2020, the Sara Bea Accessibility office will utilize a new notes portal- Note-Taker Drop Off Portal. 
Instructions For Note Takers
Note Taker Instructional Video

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